Author Christina M. Weber

Christina Weber helps help Christian biz owners to earn more in less time, have a greater impact, and live a life they love on a daily basis. Visit her website:

0 Breakthrough Or Breakdown?

Is your life or business headed for a breakthrough or breakdown this 2016? Christine Weber offers some clues that you might be missing on growth opportunities.

0 Do You Understand The Psychology Of Your Buyer?

Christina M. Weber observes that it’s great to be anchored to Christ and not overly focused on the material world. But to be successful and getting customers who buy, you have to spend a little time learning about what helps them make money and purchase decision.

0 4 Ways to Fix a Focus Problem

Are you often distracted at work? While having your own business gives you entrepreneurial freedom, it can also lead to business failure if you don’t focus in your business. Christina Weber offers 4 steps to help you realign your business, so you can get back into good flow.

0 4 Ways To Overcome Business Obstacles

A key to being a successful entrepreneur is to know how to bounce back and work through obstacles as quickly as possible. Christina Weber offers four critical mindsets to help you make that speedy transition from bummerland to being able to see the silver lining in the clouds overhead.

0 Does Comparing Derail Your Business Focus?

Christina Weber observes that the insecurities of starting anything new, particularly your own business, can trigger comparisons. Be careful. Comparing can drag you and your business down. Discover some signals you are comparing and what to do about them.

0 How Christian Women Entrepreneurs Change the World

As a Christian woman entrepreneur, you are interjecting sanity and order into the world. Christina Weber reminds readers, “you model how to put faith and family first, to give value to your customers, all while making a positive economic impact on your family’s budget and the world.”

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