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Gina Felter, wife, mother of five, adventurer and techie. She enjoys sharing her zeal for technology and has served at both the national and local levels in support of Catholic social media endeavors. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems she embraces the intentional use of technology while being informed of potential vulnerabilities. Gina nurtures her soul in nature with an active prayer life enjoying outdoor adventures such as cycling, running and hiking. She invites you to learn more about her adventures at and welcomes your comments or inquiries at [email protected]

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0 Serve Thy-self

A silly, small-minded and totally self-serving post on the deeply intimate journey of overcoming personal fears and limitations. Gina Felter invites you to step out beyond yourself and trust in His plan as an act of living out that child like faith we are called to. A faith that transcends and transforms any earthly limitations.

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