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Heidi Bratton is a Catholic wife, a mother of six children spread over 18 years, an educational consultant, a professional photographer and the author of nearly 20 books for Catholic families. Heidi writes to encourage other woman in the adventure of living a life set apart for Jesus. Her newest book, “Finding God’s Peace in Everyday Challenges” will be out with Word Among Us Press in September of 2015. Some of Heidi’s other books include”Homegrown Faith; Nurturing Your Catholic Family” and the “Celebrate” series of four board books. Connect with Heidi through her website or at her email [email protected]

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0 Salt, Light and Leaven

Ever feel like your attempts as sharing the Gospel always get interrupted by louder voices? Heidi Bratton encourages us to take heart and use these three Gospel images which show us how to broadcast God’s love even if we are competing for airtime.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Thorny Mercy

Ever felt that your family tree was in fact more like a gangly family cactus; full of beautiful flowers, but also covered with painful thorns? Here’s some help from Heidi Bratton for remaining engaged when family relationships get prickly.

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