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Jay Cuasay is a freelance writer on religion, interfaith relations, and culture. A post-Vatican II Catholic father with a Jewish spouse, he is deeply influenced by Christian mysticism and Zen Buddhism. He was a regular columnist on Catholicism for and a moderator and contributor to several groups on LinkedIn. His LTEs on film and Jewish Catholic relations have been published in America and Commonweal. Jay ministered to English and Spanish families at a Franciscan parish for 13 years. He can be reached at

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0 The Family Table

Family reunions: dreaded, dreadful or heartwarming and life-affirming? As the Church prepares for an October synod on the Family, Jay reflects on his own family reunion and the complexities of today’s family life as they gather around the family table.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Emmaus Monday

So what did you do last week? Catholics celebrated Holy Week and for those entering the church as its newest members, the Easter Triduum led us to the Resurrection anew. For myself and my daughter in the catechumenate, our Holy Week overlapped with the Feast of Passover. Here is our breathless Emmaus Story.

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