Author Jeannie Ewing

Jeannie Ewing believes the world ignores and rejects the value of the Cross. She writes about the hidden value of suffering and even discovering joy in the midst of grief. As a disability advocate, Jeannie shares her heart as a mom of two girls with special needs in Navigating Deep Waters and is the author of From Grief to Grace , A Sea Without A Shore , and Waiting with Purpose. Jeannie is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and contributes to several online and print Catholic magazines. She, her husband, and three daughters live in northern Indiana. For more information, please visit her website

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1 Pre-school or Pre-university?

What matters most in life is not what can be taught in a textbook or viewed in an art museum or even experienced through the senses. What matters most is the soul, the afterlife, eternity. Am I teaching my children the values that will assist them in their sanctification?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 A Frail Hope

As Lent approaches, we may find that our hope is frail. We are weary, worn, and exhausted. Yet the message of salvation renews our resolve to believe in God’s promises for us and for all of humanity.

Articles from Our Contributors
5 From Christmas to Calvary

The gift of the manger is the gift of the Cross. And our gift to Baby Jesus this Christmas can be as simple as a hug or as intentional and powerful as conversion or reversion. Any offering we place in the manger involves the sacrificial love that encompasses the Cross.