Author Jake Frost

Jake Frost is the author of Catholic Dad, (Mostly) Funny Stories of Faith, Family and Fatherhood to Encourage and Inspire , also available as a $0.99 e-book on Amazon. He is a lawyer in hiatus, having temporarily traded depositions for diapers and court rooms for kitchens to care for his pre-school aged children. He comes from a large family in a small town of the Midwest, and lives near the Mississippi River with his wife and kids.

0 The Lego Life

Dancing the Lego tango while trying to cross his toddler’s floor in the dark of night, Jake Frost gained a “piercing” insight into the parenting life.

0 Animal Parade

The fresh tracks of his children’s recent passage through the living room reminds Jake Frost of the life and joy that kids bring into your world.

0 Back to School

Amid buying crayons and new socks, Jake Frost reflects on the excitement of a new school year.

1 A Yellow World

As his child’s mind leapt ahead like a gazelle with too much caffeine, Jake Frost was left wondering what it would be like to live in a world turned yellow.

1 Raincoats on the Floor

Jake Frost reflects on the unexpected revelation of blessings that comes from discovering the kids’ raincoats left on the floor.

2 The Fairy Tree

An adventure among the gnarled roots of The Fairy Tree led to Jake Frost’s discovery of how wonderful it is to have a Fairy Godmother Grandmother.

0 Sharing Something Precious

Jake Frost shares a reflection common to both Mother Teresa and Mary Higgins Clark, all about sharing something precious with our children and each other.

1 One Eye Open

A humorous encounter with his four-year-old reminded Jake Frost about keeping ourselves alert to the signs of hope that God sends us, and sowing seeds of kindness ourselves to help others be open to signs of hope also.

0 Swinging on Branches

A daughter’s interesting horticultural proclivities reminds Jake Frost to tend to the heart as well as tending to the landscaping.

2 The Christmas of One Thousand Cookies

Bake one thousand cookies? That’s a lot of frozen cookie dough . . . Jake Frost reflects on how we each make our own contribution to the holiday season, whether we’re baking a thousand cookies . . . or not.

0 Timbuk-Three

A living-room journey to the end of the earth–even beyond Timbuktu, all the way to Timbuk-Three–carries a lesson for Jake Frost in the joy of glowing.

0 The Power of Fifteen Minutes

Jake Frost reflects on the power of fifteen minutes in our time-starved lives. It’s amazing how the power of fifteen minutes can transform your days—especially when you pray for double time!

0 My Pebble

Instead of letting things that are totally out of Jake Frost’s control weigh on him, Jake’s mom recommended concentrating on what he does have control over: his own actions and words and the ripples that he is sending out into the world.

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