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John Konecsni writes under the alias Declan Finn, and has published a novel, It Was Only On Stun!, a murder comedy set at a science fiction convention He also maintains a blog dedicated to his more important novel, A Pius Man. A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller is an anti-Dan Brown novel, centered about clearing the name of Pope Pius XII. The sequel, A Pius Legacy: A Political Thriller focuses on the Catholic church in the modern world. A Pius Stand: A Global Thriller has recently come out, finishing the trilogy. John lives in New York, where he has grown up Catholic, right wing, and a complete and total nerd. After getting degrees in history and philosophy, he has dedicated himself to bringing Truth, Justice, and the Roman Catholic way to anyone he meets.... or at the very least, correct their misapprehensions. It's a full time job, and the pay needs work, though there are some nice benefits attached.

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1 Game Review: Far Cry 3

Commonly referred to as “Skyrim” (or Elder Scrolls) with guns, Far Cry 3 is an interesting, epic-scale video game of vast proportions. However, the question remains: does that make it a good video game? John Konecsni reviews Far Cry 3 for our Tech Talk team. Find out what he thinks is worth noting.

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