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Janet is a wife and mother of three whose greatest joys in life are daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, and spending time with family and friends. She holds a MA in Theology and is an active retreat leader, teacher, writer and perpetual Eucharistic adoration coordinator. She is passionate about sharing the love of Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit – knowing firsthand that their Love heals and transforms lives! She writes at

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0 The Heartbeat of God

Janet Moore shares her incredible experience of God’s presence; God has made her realize everything that she have been given is a gift that she doesn’t deserve and could never earn; and so she is to share it freely, so He may be able to touch others.

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0 Book Notes: Entering into 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

Janet Moore can’t think of a better way to begin this journey into this Extraordinary Year of Mercy then to follow along as Flynn unpacks encyclicals of Mercy, the Sacraments, the Pascal Mystery, the Divine Mercy Messages, Image and Devotions, and the Divine Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist – demonstrating how they actualize God’s unending “Mercy Full” Love for us.

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1 What Are We To Do When Our World Begs Jesus to Leave?

Janet Moore reflects on the story of Jesus being turned away from a town after freeing two demoniacs from posession. Jesus not only saved us, but showed us how to live in harmony with our nature, for we are not mere animals, but human persons made in the image and likeness of God, in Whom, we were created! Therefore, when we follow Christ, we are most truly ourselves.

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0 Fun, Easy and Meaningful! Easter Resurrection Rolls

Want a simple, easy, and yummy way to celebrate Easter with your family?  Regardless of age, all members of your family will enjoy this tasty, meaningful breakfast item. They are unbelievably yummy, easy, quick and fun for little ones to help with — and end up looking like an empty tomb! So they provide a great way to celebrate and speak of the meaning of Easter at the same time!

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0 The Transforming Power of Jesus' Gaze of Love

As the God Man, Jesus endured such cruelty and felt every physical and emotional blow, and yet being Love Himself, He could not NOT love — and so even as He was being abused, he loved and forgave his attackers (Read: He loved me and forgave me – and each of us!) immeasurably… completely …. forgiving each of us whom He created out of love, even as they (I, we) abused, mocked, ridiculed and blasphemed Him by our sinful, selfish ways!

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