Author Jen Steed

Jen is a Catholic wife and mother to three little ones whose nose can usually be found buried in a book, learning once all the work is done. Or sometimes, even when it’s not! You can always find Jen blogging about the big 5 — God & Catholicism, taking care of yourself, serving your spouse and children and managing the home. She can be found blogging at Happy Little Homemaker and on most of the social media sites including Google+.

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1 Sensitive Strength: Chapter 9 {Momnipotent Book Club}

This week we’re discussing Chapter 9: Sensitive Strength from Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood. “Sometimes,” writes Jen Steed, “strength is not so much in the heavy lifting and the kinds of tasks that Martha had on her mind. Other times, it is simply to be like Mary and mention a need to the right person or at the right time.” Jump in and join the conversation!

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