Author Kate Daneluk

Kate Daneluk is a wife, mother of six, and co-founder of Making Music Praying Twice. With a background in music, theology and education, she contributes articles and resources to various publications.

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2 Baby Steps to the Rosary

If you are like Kate Daneluk and fall off the Rosary wagon sometime during the year, and are wondering when you would find Rosary time during the busy day of work and kids and the minutiae of life that seems to want to block our prayer life at every turn, take some baby steps to focus on the Rosary this October and hopefully, for the whole year long.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Summer Staycation

If a family vacation isn’t in the budget or schedule this year, or you find your summer still needing another boost, Kate Daneluk offers some more affordable alternatives to make the rest of your summer special and memorable.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Chant: get on the wave

Kate Daneluk observes that Gregorian Chant is a unique and important part of our culture as Catholics. We are singing the same lyrics and music as generations of the faithful before us. We are joining with the cloud of witnesses in Heaven in their prayer traditions.