Author Karee Santos

Karee Santos is a happily married mother of six. She and her husband, Manuel P. Santos, M.D., began teaching marriage preparation and enrichment classes in New York City in 2003. Their Catholic marriage advice book will be published by Ave Maria Press in 2016. Karee has authored numerous articles on marriage and family for the National Catholic Register, Faith & Family magazine, Catholic Match Institute, Aleteia, and others. She blogs in English at Can We Cana? and in Spanish at Comencemos en CanĂ¡.

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3 How to Trust God like St. Therese

Accepting our littleness means trusting in God’s greatness, Karee Santos learns from her review of Connie Rossini’s prayerful book Trusting in God with St. Therese. What better path to holiness could there be for wives and mothers whose role is to serve, to suffer, to hope, and to smile?

Articles from Our Contributors
10 Why Your Blog Matters

When you wonder if your voice adds anything to the avalanche of evangelization on the Internet, realize that you have a story that only you can tell. Every blogger, like every Christian, is a witness to the strength of God’s love alive in the world, says Karee Santos.

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