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In Order

Meg donned her canvas gloves and pith helmet with its protective mesh screening that completely covered her face and neck.   She made sure she had on long pants paired with a long sleeved shirt, no use

Little Bit

Stooping over to pick up another empty can of beer, Ruth grimaced when she noticed the bugs crawling on its underside. Yuck. Walking along the desert highway, Ruth looked a sight. In one hand, she held her


Darlene rustled around in the kitchen-trying spy out her favorite candle holders that she stored way in the back of the corner hutch. On tiptoes, Darlene leaned over and reached deep, she could see them, the pair


Jackie peered outside and realized she’d left her mother’s cactus plant out on the deck. It was raining, profusely. So Jackie hunted around for an umbrella before venturing out, after all, she’d just done her hair and