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The Visitation

It’s the kind of scenario I could just see my girlfriends and I gushing over — two cousins in a sweet reunion enjoying the fact that they are both going through a pregnancy at the same time!

Honest Prayer

Sometimes I get a little crabby with God. Let me clarify. I tell God what angers me, what hurts or disappoints me. In other words, I’m just honest about what’s going on.  My filial love for God

How Are You?

For the last two months I have had my foot in a cast. This post-surgical immobilization is needed for the healing of a torn tendon in my ankle. Every time I am out in public these days

A God with Toes

To understand the truth of the Incarnation – that the immortal God, in the Person of Jesus Christ, became a man – we have the definitive testimony of Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Church.