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Unbound is an international nonprofit founded by lay Catholics grounded in the Gospel call to put the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable first. We build relationships of mutual respect and support that bridge cultural, religious and economic divides. We bring people together to challenge poverty in 18 countries. We invite you to join us. Find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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0 Creating a legacy

Colombia has a long history of violence between government forces and militant groups. But increasingly there seems to be hope of a more lasting peace between the Farc rebels and the government. Though peace may be close, the decades-long conflict has created a huge impact, especially for families like Martha’s. Read how Unbound has responded.

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0 Embracing the gift of mercy

2016 is an exceptional year, with Pope Francis proclaiming this The Holy Year of Mercy. During this time, the pope has invited not only Catholics but all people of goodwill to enter into deeper reflection on the concept of mercy. So let’s reflect a bit, through the lens of Unbound.

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0 Colombian mother’s journey of transformation

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions: eat healthy, get organized, save more, forget less. Even with the best of intentions, many resolutions fall by the wayside. If you’ve made a resolution, we want you to achieve it. Let the story of one Colombian mother’s personal transformation inspire you to succeed in your own goals for 2016.

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0 Praying for a home

Beneranda lives in Nicaragua with her husband and sons in a small cinder block home. It is a humble dwelling, but one she waited more than 50 years to own. Beneranda is filled with gratitude and considers herself greatly blessed. As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., let us be inspired by those who, like Beneranda, have been blessed with that priceless gift of gratitude.

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0 Parents' 3 keys to a happy home

Their smiles in a family photo show nothing of how hard it’s been for Carlos, Ena and their children in El Salvador. They’ve persevered through poverty, the children’s health problems, losing their home in a storm and Carlos and Ena almost giving up on their marriage. Through it all, they’ve relied on faith, love for each other and the love of others to remain resilient.

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0 A mug full of love

Individuals sponsored through Unbound are constantly demonstrating how generous they are. When Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, visited sponsored elder Lucy, she was welcomed with warmth and hospitality.