Mary's Way


Mary’s Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God

How do you walk with your children during times of struggle and crisis? Do you feel as if nothing you do will be enough? Let Judy Landrieu Klein be your companion with our newest Book title: Mary’s Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God.

About the Book:

marys wayIn Mary’s Way, a heartfelt book for moms who struggle to guide children through the various stages of their lives, Catholic speaker and teacher Judy Landrieu Klein shows how her own crisis of faith helped her release her children to the care of the Blessed Mother. In doing so, Klein shows you how to find the love, joy, and peace of Our Lord as you surrender your will to him.

Judy Landrieu Klein struggled with her faith as she lived through her son’s near-fatal addiction to drugs and her daughter’s painful anxiety.  She discovered she couldn’t handle the relentless pressure of life not measuring up to her expectations and it was eating away at her family.

Klein considered Mary’s reaction to the events in the life of Jesus. She meditated on Mary’s fiat and her prayer of total surrender to God’s will and saw how this act of obedience carried on throughout Mary’s life as she witnessed the life of her son. As Klein focused on her devotion to the Blessed Mother, her life and faith were transformed.

In Mary’s Way, Klein reflects on the Annunciation and describes her own to struggle to embrace the will of God by surrendering control of her family planning.  She meditates on Mary’s powerlessness during the Crucifixion, finding a place of calming surrender during her own son’s escalating battle with addiction.

Klein shows how you can become a more powerful intercessor for yourself and your children. When you finish reading this book, you’ll find yourself turning to Mary and surrendering yourself and your children more fully to God.

About the Author:

Judy Landrieu Klein

Judy Landrieu Klein is a Catholic author, speaker, theologian, and founder of Memorare Ministries. She received a master’s degree in theological studies from the University of Dallas in 2000 and conducted post-graduate doctoral studies in bioethics at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athanaeum in Rome. Klein served as an adjunct professor of theology at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans for seven years.

Klein’s books include Living Water: Understanding the Gift of New Life through Baptism, Sez Who: Why Church Authority Established by Christ is So Important to Us Today, and Miracle Man, which chronicles her late husband Bernie’s near-death experience and deathbed conversion following a massive heart attack in December 2008.

Klein blogs at, Aleteia, Catholic365, and for the Catholic Writers Guild. She served as cohost of Radio Maria’s Apologetics Live program for more than four years. Additionally, she has appeared on EWTN’s Women of Grace and Focus Worldwide Television’s Focus. Klein has been the featured speaker at many faith-based events, including Magnificat Women’s Breakfasts, Legatus dinners, and Theology on Tap meetings. The mother of five and grandmother of seven, Klein is married to Mark Gelis and lives in New Orleans.

Praise for Mary’s Way:

“In Mary’s Way, you’ll discover Judy Klein’s powerful story. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself staying up late to read it, getting invested in the lessons she shares, and adjusting your viewpoint on many things. Klein is a companion who every mom will want on their own journey.”

Sarah Reinhard
Catholic writer, blogger, and editor of Word By Word

“Judy Landrieu Klein’s stories invite us into a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Blessed Mother, encouraging us to ‘yield to God and say yes to him in whatever life brings.’ Klein’s ‘yes’ to God, modeled after the Blessed Virgin Mary’s fiat, can be our yes, too.”

Maria Morera Johnson
Author of My Badass Book of Saints

“Through vivid personal stories of suffering and joy, Judy shares her own mother’s heart, and how she came to know the most blessed of all mothers, Mary. Mary’s Way is about both—the power of our own maternal prayers, and Mary’s motherly interceding for us.”

Pat Gohn
Author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

“With poignant and relatable storytelling, Judy invites us into the intimacy of her profound sorrows as a wife, mother, sister and daughter in the hopes that the lessons of faith she learned will benefit us in our own struggles.  If you’re a mother or grandmother, you need Mary’s Way.”

Kitty Cleveland
Catholic author, speaker, and musician