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0 Creating a legacy

Colombia has a long history of violence between government forces and militant groups. But increasingly there seems to be hope of a more lasting peace between the Farc rebels and the government. Though peace may be close, the decades-long conflict has created a huge impact, especially for families like Martha’s. Read how Unbound has responded.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Going Global from Home

Edibles and clothing, décor and transport – we touch the world as we traverse through our days. Marianna Bartholomew asks, wouldn’t it be great to allow this gratitude to also stir in us a sense of responsibility — one that transcends any sense of entitlement to these goods?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Embracing the gift of mercy

2016 is an exceptional year, with Pope Francis proclaiming this The Holy Year of Mercy. During this time, the pope has invited not only Catholics but all people of goodwill to enter into deeper reflection on the concept of mercy. So let’s reflect a bit, through the lens of Unbound.

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