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0 Praying for a home

Beneranda lives in Nicaragua with her husband and sons in a small cinder block home. It is a humble dwelling, but one she waited more than 50 years to own. Beneranda is filled with gratitude and considers herself greatly blessed. As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., let us be inspired by those who, like Beneranda, have been blessed with that priceless gift of gratitude.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Meet & Support Bryan: Our Unbound Child of the Month

We’re thrilled to again be partnering with our friends at Unbound to be a part of the families they serve around the world! Unbound has joined us as a “World View Wednesday” contributor. Each month, they will be sharing a column to inform you about the lives of families around the world. We will also offer you the chance to partner tangibly with them by prayerfully considering sponsoring a child or aging friend.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Praise God For Our Peter

When Marianna Bartholomew sees Pope Francis move about so joyfully, embrace and interact with every imaginable type of person, from members of Congress, to the disabled along his route, she knows that many hidden actions are taking place in the hearts of those who see them — because he is our Peter.

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