Using Simple Content Templates

When you log in and open up a new post, on the right of the post next to the title area you will see a box labeled “Simple Content Templates.” There is a drop-down menu in that box.
Choose the option that fits your article type and click “Load Template.” Most writers will be using the “All Feature Articles” template. It will pop up a message that says, “loading this template will wipe out existing changes.” Click “OK.”
It will take a moment for the template to load, so please be patient.
Once the template loads, you will notice some notes at the top, including which categories and tags to use and a reminder about how the excerpt should be structured. Fill those in but leave the notes at the top; I’ll delete those when I check everything.
Change the title of the post.
Write your article ABOVE where it says INSERT ARTICLE TEXT HERE.
Do not remove the horizontal line above the copyright.
Type your name in the copyright line, replacing the word AUTHOR
Submit for review as usual.