Daily Gospel Reflection Team

Gospel Reflections 800x800 blue outlineThank you for volunteering to be a part of our Daily Gospel Reflection Team! This project is always an opportunity for grace — we’re so grateful for your help in putting it together! Now we’ll be working diligently to give you the tools you need to participate in this mission.

Writing Your Reflection:

You signed up for three dates on the calendar – here is the link to that calendar again, so you can check your dates and Gospel reflection. You can also double-check your chosen dates on our list that’s sorted by first name.

When your reflection runs on CatholicMom.com, we will link from your reflection to the USCCB daily readings website. Typically, the full year’s lectionary will be available by October. But our calendar is complete with Scripture references, so please write those down and look them up in your own Bible.

Please note that this is a Daily Gospel reflection. While you are free to mention the other readings or psalm for the day, your reflection should center on the Gospel passage.

Use the calendar on the right-hand side of the USCCB page to locate your assigned date and the readings for that day. View samples of our Daily Gospel Reflections.

IMPORTANT LITURGICAL NOTE: We are not using the readings for any memorials or optional memorials, even if the USCCB offers that option within the calendar for the day. Please use the main readings for the day. For example, May 1, 2019, is Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter. While the USCCB offers, at the bottom of the page, the readings for the Optional Memorial of St. Joseph the worker, you need to use the Easter-season readings for that date.

DEADLINE: All reflections for January through June 2020 will be due by October 1, 2019; all reflections for July through December 2020 will be due by November 1, 2019. But you can greatly assist us by submitting your reflection as early as possible!

We realize that there may be circumstances that cause you to miss your deadline. We will send one reminder, allowing a one-week extension, after a missed deadline. If the extended deadline is missed, your reflection date(s) will be reassigned.

CatholicMom.com reserves the right to replace, without prior notice, reflections that do not meet our editorial or content standards.

About Scripture quotes: Any direct Scripture quotes MUST be from the NAB/RE version (the one you find at the USCCB website). The easiest way to access this is to use their Books of the Bible page.

About Divine pronouns: Here at CatholicMom.com, we capitalize pronouns referring to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit): He/Him/His. Please follow this style as you submit your reflection.

About author bios: If you have an author profile at CatholicMom.com (meaning you are writing other articles here as well as Daily Gospel Reflections) leave that blank. Otherwise, please complete the author bio field with EVERY reflection. We will only print bios for guest authors on the dates when those bios are provided.

Your reflection is comprised of three parts:

  1. The main reflection – Please reflect in your own words upon the daily gospel passage. This is not intended to be a scholarly or overly pious essay, but rather a personal reflection that will help our readers enter into a deeper understanding of this scripture in their own lives. Please limit your reflection to 300 words or less. All submissions will be edited for length and consistency, and proofread for accuracy. View samples of our Daily Gospel Reflections.
  2. Two-line prayer – Please write a simple, original two-line (or shorter) prayer inspired by the gospel of the day.
  3. Reflection question – Please pose a simple one- to two-line reflection question based upon the gospel to guide our readers in reflection and prayer.

When you have written these three parts of your reflection, please proceed to our submission form below or open the form in a new browser tabPlease complete the submission form for each of your reflections separately (you’ll end up submitting the form four times).

We recommend that you compose your reflections in your choice of word processor before submitting them below. Because of the method of submission we use, we can’t easily accommodate change requests after reflections have been submitted.


For additional information or to ask any question, email editor@catholicmom.com.