Laudato Si'


Welcome to our community conversation on Pope Francis’s newly released encyclical On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si’). Since so much of this important document pertains not only to our faith lives, but also to our communities and our homes, we will “break open” the encyclical with an eight week series of reflections by our family of writers. Each week, we will feature a reflection on one of the chapters and will invite your participation in a dialogue on that chapter. To download the document in free PDF format, visit the Vatican website. If you would prefer to read the encyclical in book format, it is available for purchase from the USCCB.  We pray that this community conversation will be both a blessing for your family and a way for our to grow together as a community as we contemplate our role in caring for our common home. Thank you for embarking on this dialogue with us! Lisa Hendey

To participate:

1. Read along.

2. Leave comments on each post with your thoughts and impressions or even take a stab at the discussion questions.

3. Interact with other commenters.

4. Share the posts and the discussion in your real-life networks and/or your social networks using hashtag #LaudatoSi

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