Sunday's Gospel

In order to help ourselves prepare for a richer experience of the Sunday Liturgy experience, we would like to encourage you to join us in a “sneak peek” at Sunday’s gospel reading.   Please join us each week in reading the Sunday Gospel in advance and contemplating its meaning in our lives.

The following are some resources for helping you to delve more deeply into this week’s Scripture:

  •’s Weekly Gospel Activity Pages – updated weekly to relate to and reflect upon the upcoming Sunday’s gospel
  • The Center for Liturgy – A terrific resource to assist you and your family in preparing for Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist.  Prayers, historical and spiritual reflections, music insights and much more are available at this site created by the Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University
  • The Crossroads Initiative – Each week on Thursday, the ministry of Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio features a dynamic and informative article exploring the Readings for the coming Sunday.  This is an excellent resource to read prior to attending Mass on Sunday.  An great springboard for conversations pertaining to the Liturgy of the Word, Dr. D’Ambrosio’s weekly columns are filled with timely and relevant resources for delving into the Word in our own lives.
  • Scripture Reflections from – wonderful reflections with pertinent life application questions, updated weekly
  • Family Night – Looking for another great way to help your family prepare for Sunday’s liturgy and grow closer?  Take a look at Catholic Exchange for the great Family Night Feature, designed to help conduct weekly family time together. Each week focuses on a theme from the Sunday readings. Through activities and discussion you can help bring the word of God alive in your family.
  • Word of God – This resource was developed by Fr. John Mole, O.M.I., to help you prepare for the coming Sunday’s readings. Please make full use of these meditations to enrich your worship of God through the liturgy of the Word.
  • The Catholic Calendar Page – a daily resource of readings and Rosary mysteries according to the Church calendar
  • Sunday reading and Pastor’s message from Fr. George Griffin
  • Daily Scripture and Meditation
  • The Word Among Us – daily readings and meditations

Gospel Activities:

  • Sunday Gospel Activities – Click on this link to view a listing of the following activities for each week:
    • Coloring page
    • Mass worksheets – 7-10, 11-14
    • Lesson Plan
    • Word search – Puzzle, Solution
    • Crossword puzzle – Puzzle, Solution
    • Extra activities
  • Gospel Activity Archives

Thank you for your patience as we post new activities.  These activities are created by Lisa, Laura (Lesson plans, games and printables) and Elyse (Mass worksheets) so sometimes activities may be delayed as we attend to my family responsibilities. Your support of this site through our Catholic Company Store and Amazon and your prayers support and help to maintain this website.  Please consider making a small donation to help us keep these resources free and online for families and children around the world. For more information on how you can help support, visit our Support page.  Lisa