Impending separation & divorce

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    Jay Cuasay on #115004

    My daughter’s godparents have been wading through separation and are heading toward divorce. Aside from the effects this has on my family, this couple also has two children close in age to our daughter. So we feel the effects of this sad breakdown quite deeply.

    As in all things, there are at least two sides to each struggle. And it is never as simple as who is right and who is wrong. What is certain is that the wounds go deep and any healing and reconciliation will take time.

    I ask for prayers from this community for the type of healing and wholeness that only God can provide, even when the struggles of this world leave us imperfect and broken. And I ask especially for deep consolation and perseverance for the children who must not only live through the effects of this break-up, but who we hope will still carry with them belief and trust that relationships can still be loved-filled, durable and worthy of our commitment despite our human imperfections.

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