Owen Dekhani Kulemeka

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    Jay Cuasay on #87822

    I ask for this community’s prayers for the repose of the soul of Owen Dekhani Kulemeka, son of Mel and Andrew of St. Camillus Parish in Silver Spring MD. Although I only met Owen a few times when I sang in the parish’s Multicultural Choir, I knew the mother Mel much better.

    The Multicultural Choir provided music ministry for the sudden death of my son, Joshua Emet S. Cuasay back in January 2005. I was saddened that my work prevents me from attending the plans for Owen’s Mass and Burial at the end of this week.

    But I have great trust in the Lord and hope that these prayers and others are lifted up and presented to God the most high!

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    Lisa M. Hendey on #87839

    Jay, thank you for inviting us to pray with you for this special intention. I will pray for the repose of Owen’s soul and for all of his loved ones!

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    Jay Cuasay on #87879

    Thank you for coming at just the right time for me and for them.

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    Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp on #88403

    Our prayers are lifted up for Owen and all of your intentions.

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