The Day I Kissed the Pope

Judy Klein describes the moment when she and her husband received a marriage blessing from the Pope and were further blessed with a personal encounter with the Holy Father.

For Your Family

More than Being Right

Ever wondered how to speak truth in love? Heidi Bratton suggests we consider more than simply the objective facts of a situation, but also the people involved.

Culture and Fun

Her Superpower is Love

Sherry Boas offers a Mother’s Day tribute to her friend Michelle, who gracefully and gratefully lives out the life God has given her as a mother to 14.


Small Business Strategies: Introducing a New Product Line

Are you looking to roll a new product out in your shop? Wondering what kind of product is right for you? Jen Frost sits down with Nell O’Leary from Whole Parenting in this month’s edition of Small Business Strategies to talk about introducing new products into your shop.

Book Notes

An Open Book: May 2016

Join us for An Open Book, where avid readers share what they’ve read recently by linking to their blogs or commenting on this post. Carolyn Astfalk hosts this monthly linkup.

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