Where Is My Brother?

Dave and Mercedes wonder what their daughter with autism thinks when her brothers go away to college and share strategies for keeping their family close.


A Work in Progress

Courtney Vallejo describes how God has shown her that He is, indeed, working to make her holy–and that she needs to be patient and allow this to happen.

For Your Family

FAQs On Home School Practicum, Part 1

When faced with the success of home schools and the profound privilege to educate one’s own child, some parents become interested in the possibility of home education. But what are the everyday nuts and bolts? How do you do it? Sonja Corbitt answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding home schooling in this first installment of a two-part series.

Culture and Fun

Family Game: Happy Pigs

Stuart Dunn reviews the visually-appealing board game, “Happy Pigs.” Will this one be part of your next Family Game Night?


Bullet Journaling the Simple Way and Journal Linkup

Bullet Journaling: life changing, just another bandwagon to jump on, or a great way to organize your life? Deanna Bartalini tried it for three months and shares her opinion on bullet journaling simply in real life. Join our Bullet Journal linkup!

Book Notes

Catholic Re-Tread

Mike Chappell shares his story of a mustard seed of faith, changing everything he thought he knew, in the book “Catholic Re-Tread.”

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: Is Inbox Zero a Pipe Dream?

Barb Szyszkiewicz fights an ongoing battle with her inbox. Are you working on controlling your email? Find out what works for a detail-oriented thinker.