An Open Book: December 2016

Join us for An Open Book, where avid readers share what they’ve read recently by linking to their blogs or commenting on this post. Carolyn Astfalk hosts this monthly linkup.


Be a Part of Christ Cathedral: Give "Heavenly Light"

Lisa Hendey shares how her family will be a part of @OrangeDiocese Christ Cathedral #GivingHeavenlyLights #HeavenlyLights. You too can honor a loved one and help be a part of the Cathedral’s restoration.


Mercy: the Virtue of the Month

Linda Kracht focuses on the virtue of Mercy, encouraging readers to make it a priority to root your children, yourself, family and friends and others in Mercy.

For Your Family

To All the Busy People

Kelly Pease reflects on two kinds of busy-ness: the busy-ness of the life that God has called us to and the kind of busy-ness that keeps us from the real encounter we are meant to be having within those lives we’ve been given.

Culture and Fun

Family Games: Two Racing Games

In this week’s family game review, Stuart Dunn looks at two racing games. Steampunk or Bingo: which would you choose to play with your family?


Time is about being present

Jay Cuasay looks at his hectic family schedule and calendars and the advice to focus on being present to family and friends in order to recognize the real presence of God in whose image we are all made.

Book Notes

From The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: Don't You Tell a Single Soul

We’re thrilled to give our readers a sneak peek at The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections, the newest addition to our CatholicMom.com Book Imprint with Ave Maria Press. Today, Grace Mazza Urbanski discusses the challenge given to us by St. Nicholas.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: GoodThinkInc.

Lisa Hess’s love of TED Talks leads her to a happy place: GoodThinkInc, a website packed with information on self-help, self-promotion and happiness.