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Mission: Adoption

Mission: Adoption was developed as a dedicated platform exclusively for adoptive and pre-adoptive parents, to help them with traditional adoption expenses as well as many other adoption-related expenses that other fundraising avenues can’t.

The Tender Touch of God

This week Tripp Curtis, the recently bereaved husband of “Mommy Life” blogger and author Barbara Curtis, posted a short article about his wife that read in part: Barbara told how “seeing my children experience a happy childhood

A Mother’s Second Sight

“You know what I’m most scared of, Mom?” Last week, Christopher snuggled up to me as we savored our all-too-short time together. “The riots. The kids at school said there’s going to be rioting if Obama doesn’t

Mommy Millstones

The Gospel reading this weekend has one verse in particular that always makes me consider very carefully my responsibility as a mother, and assess just how well I’m doing in my vocation. Jesus said, “Whoever causes one