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0 Mercy as Revealed in the Cross and Resurrection of Christ

The problem of suffering has caused many to leave the Faith, but Fr. Josh Johnson uses this Jubilee Year of Mercy to show how mercy and suffering go hand in hand. Jesus was willingly betrayed, abandoned, and crucified to show that he is with us in our suffering. In receiving his divine mercy through confession, by coming to Christ in our brokenness, we join Christ and the saints in their suffering so we can share in the resurrection with them.

Articles from Our Contributors
3 Are You Really Trying to Be Like Christ?

Has your doctor ever told you to get more exercise and eat better? If so, you probably didn’t think, “Wow, I wish I knew that. If only I had known I’d be in terrific health!” Of course, knowing usually isn’t the problem. It’s doing what we know is right that we find to be a struggle. It’s the same with our spiritual life. We know greed and envy are bad…

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