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0 My Pebble

Instead of letting things that are totally out of Jake Frost’s control weigh on him, Jake’s mom recommended concentrating on what he does have control over: his own actions and words and the ripples that he is sending out into the world.

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0 Letting Go

Judy Klein muses, “the moment has arrived to let go a little, offer him up to God, nudge him toward the edge of the nest so he can learn to fly. These are the birth pangs of the push forward, and birth pangs, like delivery, hurt.”

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0 Filhos - Presentes de Deus (Children - Gifts from God)

É urgente resgatar a verdadeira educação para que a sociedade não chegue a um verdadeiro colapso, um mundo de ‘tiranos’ que exigem tudo sem querer dar nada em troca. Flávia Ghelardi observes, “It’s urgent to rescue true education in order that the society doesn’t reach a real collapse, a world of “tyrants” who demand everything without wanting to give anything back.”

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