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1 The Best Present Ever

What was the best present you ever received–the one you will remember forever? Many years ago Ellen Mongan and husband decided to give the gift of presence instead of presents to their growing family for Christmas. It was the best present ever! What gift can you give that will last a lifetime?

Articles from Our Contributors
1 Christmas Didn'ts

As the past two weeks tumbled through Sheri Wohlfert’s head, she couldn’t help but think she needed a “do over”…or maybe not. If you’re feeling like Christmas didn’t go quite the way you planned you’ll want to give this a read.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 The Way of the Child

Judy Klein observes that a major theme of Christmas is the turning of heavenly and earthly hearts one to the other, anticipating the spiritual healing that God desires for each of us: becoming a child, becoming His child, becoming like the Christ-child.

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