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0 Meeting the Relatives at the Graveyard

As Catholics, we are called to live out the Spiritual Works of Mercy by praying for the living and the dead. In the busyness of life, it is important to find moments to teach our children the perspective provided by our Catholic Faith about the cycle of life and death. Emily Jaminet shares the beauty of praying for the family members who have gone before us.

Articles from Our Contributors
2 In Memoriam

Linda Bennett reminisces about a special friend who took her under her spiritual wing, taking comfort in the promises of Christ and reminded of God’s grace and the peace he brings to us no matter the circumstance.

Articles from Our Contributors
2 November and Aisle Two

Does any mom remember what it’s like NOT to feel tired all the time?! Historically, in cultures tied to the land, November would signal a time of rest. But how, exactly, do we rest these days? And how can the desire for rest become selfish?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Book Review: Mortal Blessings

O’Donnell reflects on the sacramental elements of this season of life. Inspired by Andre Dubus’ quote that “this daily task of feeding his children is a kind of sacrament,” she explores the elements of the divine found in the ordinary moments of life caring for an ailing parent. She offers us the sacraments of speech, distance, beauty, humor, cell phone and wheelchair (the ability to have contact with the world outside her hospital room), witness, and honor. The epilogue offers an eighth – the sacrament of memory.

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