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0 Filhos - Presentes de Deus (Children - Gifts from God)

É urgente resgatar a verdadeira educação para que a sociedade não chegue a um verdadeiro colapso, um mundo de ‘tiranos’ que exigem tudo sem querer dar nada em troca. Flávia Ghelardi observes, “It’s urgent to rescue true education in order that the society doesn’t reach a real collapse, a world of “tyrants” who demand everything without wanting to give anything back.”

Articles from Our Contributors
2 I'm Catholic! Now What?

Marlon De La Torre observes, “Many of us fail to understand the tremendous sacrifices our brothers and sisters endure to come home to the Catholic Church. On top of this, their evangelical zeal tends to be misunderstood. It is imperative that the Church community open wide its arms to the newly elect.”

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