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Advent as a Part of Growing Up

Walking past Christmas lights downtown, I was brought back to the memories of celebration from my childhood during this beautiful season. Although not Catholic, I have nostalgic memories sitting at dinner, remembering the Christmas story as we

Holy Hints

Even though I am an adult, I still await Christmas morning as eagerly as any pajama-clad child.  By the time dawn breaks on December 25th, I have spent weeks either covertly or overtly gathering gift ideas from

The Santa Club

I know that some people don’t allow their children to believe in the Santa myth for a variety of reasons. My parents fell into this category. But, when my children were little, I decided to allow them


This summer, my children had an extended stay with Grandma and Grandpa, while John and I attended the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers Convention. Four children, ages 10 – 2 could have felt lonely or insecure