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0 Randy’s story: Love covers distance

Working through the shifting cultural and economic realities in the developing world can be a challenge for fathers. This is especially true in places where, traditionally, a man’s self-esteem is tied to his ability to provide for his family. Learn more about Randy’s family, sponsored through Unbound.

Many fathers struggle under these conditions and their stress can manifest itself in harmful ways. Alcoholism, domestic abuse and family abandonment are serious problems in countries where poverty is rampant and unemployment is high.

That’s why it’s important to recognize fathers like Randy in the Philippines. He’s one of thousands of dads throughout the Unbound community who, out of love and commitment, have adapted to do what must be done to serve the needs of their families.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 Daddy's Girl

A daddy’s girl is a daughter who is “the Apple of Dad’s Eye!” No matter how small in stature he is, to a daddy’s girl he is a giant of a man. Ellen Mongan points out how important a father’s love is. A dad’s love passes down the faith, prepares you for marriage and brings you high hope!

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