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2 FAQs On Home School Practicum, Part 1

When faced with the success of home schools and the profound privilege to educate one’s own child, some parents become interested in the possibility of home education. But what are the everyday nuts and bolts? How do you do it? Sonja Corbitt answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding home schooling in this first installment of a two-part series.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 The Best Present Ever

What was the best present you ever received–the one you will remember forever? Many years ago Ellen Mongan and husband decided to give the gift of presence instead of presents to their growing family for Christmas. It was the best present ever! What gift can you give that will last a lifetime?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 They're Bees!

Nicole Johnson reflects on her relationship with her siblings and recognizes the beauty of God’s perfect design in the lessons she learned from her sisters. Now these lessons help her understand her own children and their role in one another’s lives.

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