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Articles from Our Contributors
2 We Got a Girl in the War: Part Two

Ebeth continues her story of her “girl in the war”: she is a good girl and she loves her family, deep down. She has been the last and the left one. Lonely and forgotten in all her siblings’ excitement, her only recourse was to start up some excitement of her own…with the help of the wrong crowd.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Chant: get on the wave

Kate Daneluk observes that Gregorian Chant is a unique and important part of our culture as Catholics. We are singing the same lyrics and music as generations of the faithful before us. We are joining with the cloud of witnesses in Heaven in their prayer traditions.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Through His Eyes

As a Special Olympics athlete and a Journalist, contributor Daniel Smrokowski’s visit to Los Angeles for the Special Olympics World Games was a trip of a lifetime for this young man from Chicago. Learn more about his experience and a photo project in collaboration with Dan Hayes Photography.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 If I Were a Rich Mom

Kelly Pease writes about not letting your want of things get the best of you. If we live in the what-if’s of the comforts we long for, we miss the what-is-now and the life that Jesus is offering us through the simplicity of vocation.

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