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1 Have Courage and Be Kind

In this Easter season we are called to bear the glory of God, the goodness of God, the love of God, His victory over sin and death, and people around us should see something different in us. A sparkle in our eyes, courage, a genuine kindness, true and authentic hope.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 The Transforming Power of Jesus' Gaze of Love

As the God Man, Jesus endured such cruelty and felt every physical and emotional blow, and yet being Love Himself, He could not NOT love — and so even as He was being abused, he loved and forgave his attackers (Read: He loved me and forgave me – and each of us!) immeasurably… completely …. forgiving each of us whom He created out of love, even as they (I, we) abused, mocked, ridiculed and blasphemed Him by our sinful, selfish ways!

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