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0 Blessed-Broken-Poured Out

“Blessed, Broken and Poured Out” are the five words that came alive for Ellen Mongan as the priest lifted up the host and then raised the cup. Her life has never been the same. Just as the host is blessed, broken and then poured out, so are we, if we let Jesus reign in our lives. Will you let Him?

Articles from Our Contributors
2 Life in a Fog

Kelly Pease reassures readers that no matter how unfamiliar and unsteady life sometimes gets to be, He is there in the midst of it all, hidden in the Eucharist, in the simple, on the journey alongside you and me—in the glory of warm sunshine and in the quiet of a fog.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 "Follow The Saints"

What is the true Catholic faith? Ellen Mongan asked God one day. The answer was clear and concise, and it resonated truth to her soul. “Follow the Saints,” He said. “They knew the true faith.” This spiritual barometer has helped her to discern as she navigates her way heavenward.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Gifted for God

God only gives you good gifts. Do you know what gifts God has bestowed upon you? Ellen Mongan shares how you can both know your gifts and use them in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. He has a plan, and he wants to reveal it to you.

Articles from Our Contributors
2 Meeting God Over Coffee

Lisa Jones shares how God used a friend to send her a message in the midst of her busy day. Even though she was wrapped up in her own issues and wasn’t paying attention to Him, He sent her a messenger to remind her He is always there waiting and loving her.

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