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1 An "A" Teacher

If you were the one grading teachers, who would qualify as an “A ” teacher? Ellen Mongan gives her insight on how important the role of a teacher is to students. Perhaps the teacher you wanted to give a failing grade to at the beginning of the year may be an “A ” teacher after all!

Articles from Our Contributors
1 Daddy's Girl

A daddy’s girl is a daughter who is “the Apple of Dad’s Eye!” No matter how small in stature he is, to a daddy’s girl he is a giant of a man. Ellen Mongan points out how important a father’s love is. A dad’s love passes down the faith, prepares you for marriage and brings you high hope!

Articles from Our Contributors
1 The Perfect Purse Search

Have you ever tried to find the perfect purse? Ellen Mongan challenges Catholic Mom readers with a “Perfect Purse Hunt”! What life lessons will you learn along the way? Please tell us about your “Perfect Purse.” Don’t forget to add your life lesson too! We want to hear from you. Who’s in?