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1 If I Were a Rich Mom

Kelly Pease writes about not letting your want of things get the best of you. If we live in the what-if’s of the comforts we long for, we miss the what-is-now and the life that Jesus is offering us through the simplicity of vocation.

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2 How to Have a Happy Kid

Kelly Pease learned how the role of a parent can be inspired by Jesus, the Good Shepherd. He doesn’t do a tap dance and a comedy routine when times are tough. He fulfills the deeper needs. He tells us all throughout the scriptures that things will be hard, but still He is there.

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2 Letting Go

The moment has arrived to let go a little, offer him up to God, nudge him toward the edge of the nest so he can learn to fly. These are the birth pangs of the push forward, and birth pangs, like delivery, hurt. Judy Klein muses on letting go as her youngest child moves closer to independence.

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1 Godly Motherhood

Godly motherhood is powerful and life changing. To be reminded of this, just read through the Bible. Linda Bennett writes about the influence of a godly mother, aunts and grandmothers and the life-changing effect such women have.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 Have Courage and Be Kind

In this Easter season we are called to bear the glory of God, the goodness of God, the love of God, His victory over sin and death, and people around us should see something different in us. A sparkle in our eyes, courage, a genuine kindness, true and authentic hope.

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