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0 Randy’s story: Love covers distance

Working through the shifting cultural and economic realities in the developing world can be a challenge for fathers. This is especially true in places where, traditionally, a man’s self-esteem is tied to his ability to provide for his family. Learn more about Randy’s family, sponsored through Unbound.

Many fathers struggle under these conditions and their stress can manifest itself in harmful ways. Alcoholism, domestic abuse and family abandonment are serious problems in countries where poverty is rampant and unemployment is high.

That’s why it’s important to recognize fathers like Randy in the Philippines. He’s one of thousands of dads throughout the Unbound community who, out of love and commitment, have adapted to do what must be done to serve the needs of their families.

Articles from Our Contributors
5 Detaching from our Adult Children

We will always think of ourselves as a son or daughter of our parents; likewise, our parents — regardless of age — will always see themselves as mothers and fathers. Linda Kracht describes how the relationship of child and parent changes greatly through adulthood.

Recently I had the privilege of leading a small group of mothers through a study of my most recent book entitled Mothers Forever, Fathers Forever: Parenting Against the Tide [which served as the primary resource for my last seven essays about family life for]. Chapter eight is entitled Parents of Adult Children. And so let’s think about what this means from the perspective of being the parents of adult children as well as the adult children. While each family experience is unique, we can learn from what works or doesn’t work well for others.

Detaching from your adult children so that they are free — emancipated — from unnecessary helicoptering (hovering) is something you will all experience sometime. Some of our own children have reached that stage while our youngest has not — and may never due to her disability. So, it was interesting to listen to the women’s varied perspectives and experiences in the book club because many of them are of the age of our oldest children. As you can imagine, a few of the adult children have experienced negative interference from their parents and others had not. All behaviors and reactions have consequences — positive or negative.

Articles from Our Contributors
4 Perfect Problems

De Yarrison reflects on God’s sovereignty over our lives, and therefore, our life’s problems. He knows exactly the right ‘problems’ that will help us each learn the necessary lessons and face the necessary experiences, as He gently nudges us out of our comfort zones.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 From the Archives: What NO Mom Wants to Hear

Monica McConkey declares, “My favorite post at CatholicMom of mine also happens to be my first one ever!” She shares, “My prayer is that despite all of our faults and failings, we can help them to grow in their love for God and strive to do His Will. I hope that we can reflect the Lord’s Love for them enough to make them yearn for more.”

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