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0 We Got a Girl in the War: Part Two

Ebeth continues her story of her “girl in the war”: she is a good girl and she loves her family, deep down. She has been the last and the left one. Lonely and forgotten in all her siblings’ excitement, her only recourse was to start up some excitement of her own…with the help of the wrong crowd.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 O Filho Está no Centro (The Child is in the Centre)

Flávia Ghelardi writes in both English and Portuguese. She reminds readers that our role as parents, we can say that care for the child has three aspects: the well-being of the body, the well-being of the mind/intellect, and the religious life. This responsibility can’t be given to other institutions such as the Church or the school, because it belongs to the parents.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Can you just look up?

If by chance you have a child who depending on the day, isn’t that excited to get dressed and wants to stay in their pajamas at home, maybe you can relate to Courtney Vallejo’s situation. How do you gently encourage your children to engage in Mass when they’d rather be doing anything else but that?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Called to be a Christ

Expectations. Assumptions…Sometimes we’re blown away by the sense of Entitlement in our kids and teens. Sometimes kids can be down-right BRATS, but what if we’re called to be BRATS in Christ? Monica McConkey discovers another way that maybe we need to be a little more like children.

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