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1 The Perfect Purse Search

Have you ever tried to find the perfect purse? Ellen Mongan challenges Catholic Mom readers with a “Perfect Purse Hunt”! What life lessons will you learn along the way? Please tell us about your “Perfect Purse.” Don’t forget to add your life lesson too! We want to hear from you. Who’s in?

Articles from Our Contributors
2 Admitting Weakness

Ellie North wonders how often we confuse the tangible things in our home to be what is wrong with our life. Is clutter truly the messes we find in our homes or do we use those messes as excuses to deny the messes we have within our life and possibly within our hearts?

Articles from Our Contributors
0 A Good Trade

Whether it’s a lunch box trade, a barter for service or a swapping of a bad behavior for a good, life can be a series of negotiations. Sheri Wohlfert shares the story of a recent trade that made a beautiful difference in her attitude and her love of the Father.

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