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The election is over and now the hard work begins.

Those who champion abortion have hailed this year as a seminal tipping point in the nation’s view of abortion.  They have said it’s over for the Pro-life movement.  There are petitions to make abortion a “Human right.” of the whole world.  There are people championing the “Freedom of Choice” act.  There are court cases seeking to demand that Catholic hospitals perform abortions and that doctors not be allowed to opt out of the procedure for moral reasons.  The forces which promote abortion have by my rough count from the newspaper, four charities that promote abortion on a national and global scale, that are tax free.

If those who believe all human life is sacred are going to push back against a tide that seems almost legion, the fight has to get serious now.  We are going to have to become a holy army of educated soccer mom apologists in the classical sense.  We are going to have to learn how to successfully dismantle the lines that pro-abortion advocates have come to assert as unquestionable, and which are keeping a grip on our nation’s moral consciousness.

So this column will devote itself for the next few weeks to one by one taking on the familiar phrases that are used in defense of Abortion.   In this time of Advent, what better way to celebrate the birth of Christ and the Hoy Family in this year of Paul, than to learn how to be a zealous and compelling advocate for the most innocent of lives?

This is not a diatribe against our President elect.  We will have to change the minds and hearts of many and hopefully, him as well.  We need to become as “Wise as serpents.” to beat the author of abortion, the serpent himself.

Over the next few weeks, this column will address “It’s my body, my choice.” “I’m against abortion but I can’t force my morality on others.”  “It’s been in place for nearly 36 years, it’s the law of the land. Let it go.” and the current favorite, “If we outlaw abortion, there will just be back street abortions with coat hangers,” and “What about rape, incest and the health of the mother?”   I welcome feedback to address the issue.  I welcome suggestions on how to take these catch phrases designed to silence disagreement on, and hope we change a few hearts in the process.

I call this next few essays Soccer Mom Apologetics because most debate on abortion does not take place in the halls of Congress or in the chambers of the Supreme Court.  Most abortion discussion takes place over the kitchen table, in the lunch room at high schools or the dorm room in college.  Most abortion discussion is intimate and dealing with real situations that happen in everyday life.  Most abortion discussions at some point, involve the opportunity for someone to be a offering of hope, rather than a way out.  God wants the people tempted to act in sin to stop and needs an army of willing prayerful holy people to speak His words to them to stop it.

Thank you for taking a risk with me.  The Year of Saint Paul requires nothing less.


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Sherry Antonetti is a mother of ten children, published author of The Book of Helen and a freelance writer of humor and family life columns. You can read additional pieces from her blog,

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