Is it Time for You to Start Over?


Over the past couple of weeks, I have had computer problems.  Big problems.  Reformat-your-hard-drive type problems. I’ve never had to do that before, but I am here to say that it is not a fun experience.  Back and forth I went, carrying my CPU to the store.  Trust me, you never want to hear your IT guy say, “Hmm.  That’s weird.  Haven’t seen that before.”

I can proudly say I now appreciate the difference between losing your hard drive and having your Windows program corrupted.  The latter, which apparently is preferable, was my case.  So, I didn’t have to buy a new computer, but I did have to spend days learning how to re-install a printer driver, re-establish Internet security, re-set program preferences, re-this and re-that.

Typically, when something like this happens, I say things like, “Well, it’s a quick way to unburden myself.” because, in the end, I am released from the guilt of not having categorized, dated, or deleted the cluttered bookmarks and files I have been collecting.

How freeing it is, really, when—all of a sudden—you have a clean slate!  I suppose it is not unlike the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where the sins that have been cluttering up your life are gone.  Forgiven.  History.   It’s a beautiful thing.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that I am a little more careful about what I hold onto now, since I have seen how wonderful starting over can truly be . . .

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