Daily Readings Reflection for 2/24/09


Reflection on the Daily Readings for 2/24/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Tues of 7th week. Sirach 2:1-11. Psalm 37:3-4.18-19.27-28.39-40.
Mark 9:30-37. Lectionary # 342:

All four Gospels have Jesus predicting his suffering, death, and
resurrection three times. Today, Mark has Jesus announcing the Paschal
Mysteries for the second time to his disciples.  This is one of the leading
themes for what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in Mark.  His Gospel is
often referred to as the Gospel of the Cross.  Again, the disciples are
relunctant to hear this and are fearful of such an announcement. Their
present concerns centers on themselves and they are arguing who is the
greatest among them.  Sounds like Most Valuable Player time for this band
of fisherman who really do not seem to get what Jesus is telling them.  He
needs to constantly ask questions and then instruct them at length
privately.  After hearing their MVP talk, Jesus takes a child and embraces
the child and tells them they should learn how to be little and humble.  To
follow Jesus all the way demands this of them. They need the trust of a
child to throw themselves into his arms.

Our first reading is also about learning how to be a disciple of
wisdom. This requires trust in God and openess that builds on hope in God.
This is wisdom for a young person for in the book of Sirach it is the
younger generation that is being addressed.  Elderly people should also be
interested in what is being said in case some of this wisdom has been
missed.  We can never have enough of wisdom.  Maybe the elderly have it
when they younger ones say, “You are a wisdom figure.”   Wisdom is for all
ages and demands a certain amount of commitment to cultivate it on our
part. Today’s Gospel is calling us to a wisdom of embracing the Cross and
following Jesus’ example. The lesson is pertinent as we open Lent tomorrow,
Ash Wednesday.

The Psalm response and its content are perfect for our prayer this
day.  “Commit your life to the Lord and he will help you.” Psalm 37 helps
us to stay committed and not to waver. Continuity, intentionality,
patience, and prayer are part of the commitment demanded of us as disciples
of the Lord.  Perhaps, we can take some time this evening to review our
commitments as we start on our Lenten journey.  Bon Voyage.   Amen.


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