Are All Drugs “Bad” For Us?


As much as I completely embrace the thoughts discussed in the recent post on what causes disease, and I believe that dietary or natural methods to prevent or reverse illness are safer, and often just as effective as conventional methods, you still may be surprised when I give you my opinion on medications…

Keep in mind, these are my opinions only – think of this as something to motivate you to do some research on your own.

Read more at this post — Are All Drugs “Bad” For Us? — and I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments there!


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  1. Kelley, I have studies drugs my whole life as my career and I agree whole heartedly that all drugs carry risks that can be substantial sometimes. That’s why they are not the answer to every malady that comes to us. But I know that the benefits outway the risks in many cases and that a frank discussion with one’s health career practioner can help figure out prudent choices for each individual. I am diabetic (type 2) and need medication to keep my sugar in check in spite of careful dieting. Seems it is genetic. I also have major depression and I thank God daily for the researchers who developed the antidepressant and the caring and thoughtful physician who discussed the pros and cons with me and then prescribed the medicineI take to make it possible for me to lead a normal life. My youngest is a type 1 diabetic and needs insulin to live. And on and on. The very best, most important thing we can do is be informed and talk to our doctors. God has created help for us but He wants us to use the minds He gave us to make wise chioces for ourselves and those we love. Peace and all good. Mark