On Heaven, Part 2 by Libby DuPont


dupont_libbyI asked one of my professors this weekend a question from one of our teens: do dogs go to heaven? Without hesitating, he answered, “no!” If you’d like to know the reason, email me and we can talk Aquinas. But for our purposes here, it made me think about the thought of heaven that this question betrays.

I think many people think of heaven as sitting on clouds playing harps. In which case, I would hope Fido is there, so you could at least play catch or something. You have to just sit around like that FOREVER?? Even if it were playing golf or watching movies, or whatever strikes your fancy here on earth, we would get bored really quickly. In this idea of heaven, we are projecting our own life onto heaven. And in doing so, we are selling it short. In a huge way.

Scripture tells us that “eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has ready for those who love him.” So it won’t be like anything we have ever seen or heard or even imagined. That means there will be no Wii. Or Coldstone. Or even marriage. But the trick is, WE WON’T CARE, because everything our hearts were made for, every frustrated desire we long for on earth will be exceeded in seeing the face of our Savior forever. I won’t pretend to imagine what that will be like. I just know it will be indescribably perfect. And that I want to go there.

That is why it’s so important to not get too attached to anything here on earth. Nothing fleeting will be with us in eternity (not even my gorgeous newly remodeled bathroom). And the more we cling to those things, the harder we make it for ourselves to get there. Keeping everything in its right balance isn’t easy, but in the face of eternity, it’s worth a try!

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  1. Diana VanWinkle on

    Libby, You are able to express so well the thoughts that are in my heart! Thank you! Please write a book of your blog/essays! I would be the first in line.

    Diana VanWinkle
    A Toledo, Ohio Catholic Mom

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