Texting While Driving PSA - What's Your Take?


Warning!!!  Before you click “play” on this video, be aware that it is contains a very graphic portrayal of an automobile collision.  Please do not watch this near small children, or within their hearing range.  Also, if you are easily disturbed please do not watch this video.

Disclaimers aside, have you seen or heard about this British PSA to attempt to dissuade texting while driving.  I made a point of watching it with Eric and plan to show it to Adam as well.  We currently have texting blocked on their cell phones (much to their dismay), but the same distraction can happen while making a call, fiddling with a stereo, or chatting with a friend.  It’s always good to be reminded that a split second mistake while driving can be devastating.

I’d love to hear your take.  Will you show this video to your teens?  Does it make YOU want to drive more cautiously?  I will admit to being guilty of peeking at my iPhone while driving, so this was a great reminder to me to put it out of reach while I’m in the car so I’m not even tempted.


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  1. I would be more curious to hear the response of young people. So often they believe themselves to be ‘indestructible’ or that if the accident happened it wouldn’t happen to them because they aren’t so stupid as the people in the film. When I was young they displayed wrecked cars and pictures of the people who died in them right before prom night to scare young people about drinking and driving. Not sure if the ones who need to see or hear the message – gets it!. I would love to know others responses to this film – it is powerful.

  2. I turn off all my electronics when driving. I too am tempted greatly. While the fear of personal injury to me is a big thing, the pain to my loved ones of my carelessness is hard for me to fathom so I just turn the phone off these days.

  3. I helped teach my 2 younger stepdaughters to drive; their mother and I enforced a “graduated privileges” driving regime several years before Washington State legislated it for teen drivers. I think both of them are responsible drivers today. In 2008 the state banned texting and holding a phone while driving (although I still see violators of all ages). My middle daughter, now 26, works at Zales Jewelry. A 16 yr old female customer last weekend was talking on her hand held cell to her boyfriend when she lost control and crashed. Her boyfriend heard her screams and the sounds of the crash that killed her. My daughter happened to be driving by shortly afterwards and saw the aftermath of the accident.

    Proving that acted video horrors can’t match real life, watch the video of Reggie Shaw, a young man in his 20’s who was texting while driving and killed two innocent ment. The question is, can you live with the fact that you killed someone because of using an electronic device while driving. See the video at ut.zerofatalities.com/

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