My Fitness Evaluation by Kelly the Kitchen Kop


kelly_kitchen_kopOn my recent trip to California when I visited Nutrilite (a supplement facility), part of that visit included personal fitness evalutions.
I was pretty normal, except for when I got a bit miffed about my body fat percentage: 28%! Somehow they know this just from the fat on my arm (and looking at height & weight) – now if they had measured other areas, then it would make sense, but my arm? This was still in the normal range, but on the high end, dang it (normal is 22%-28%). (Have I mentioned that I’ve been far too sporadic this summer with my running, and that I need to get back onto the low-carb foods quick-like? Kal was at 7%, the little snot (amazing for someone who eats non-stop), which is in the normal range for athletes…yeah, so I never said I was an athlete.

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