Do You ONLY Eat In-Season Produce?


kelly_kitchen_kopRecently I asked my readers for help.  We all know that eating local produce in season is the best for the environment and the best for our bodies, but what to do when we live in an area with a super short growing season?  I still have a long way to go, but I learned a lot from the comments at this post!

Do you only eat fruits and vegetables that are in season?


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  1. I try as best I can to eat in-season, but my boys much prefer fruit over vegetables, so sometimes I cheat and buy things from California if they are organic (we live in Seattle). But mostly I find that things taste better when they are local and in-season, and my kids are MUCH more likely to like the veggies I serve if they aren’t from a million miles away. I tend to depend on dried fruit and baked goods a lot this time of year for snacks. It is good to remember that we are intimately connected to the earth through what we eat, and it makes sense to eat mostly what is in season in order to nurture that connection. In winter we are feeling warmed and nourished by soups, roasted meats and vegetables, and pie.