Daily Readings Reflection for 12/22/09


Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Lectionary # 199. Tuesday, Dec. 22 of Advent. I Samuel 1:24-28.
I Sam.2:1.4-5.6-7.8. Luke 1:46-56:

Our continued reading from St. Luke brings us into another literary and
theological masterpiece–the Magnificat of Mary. It is similar to a Psalm
of Praise but contains selections from all parts of the Tanakh (Hebrew
Bible)–the Torah, the Prophets,and the Writings. Luke gives Mary a voice
for the first time in the Scriptures of the New Testament and we now hear
it almost every evening in the Vesper Service or the Evening Prayers said
in churches and chapels. Spiritual books, doctorates, and musical
compositions have benefitted from this as an outstanding resource. We hear,
see, read and enjoy the voice of Mary through many media and it is good
that we do. We learn how to pray through these words of Mary and how to
continue the redeeming work of God in today’s world. She was a very
courageous and strong woman to have prayed in this manner.

Just a few days ago we learned how to ponder over things with Mary as we
listened to the narrative of the Annunciation. This reflective mode of
prayer will also be seen as she mulls over the coming of the shepherds and
also when she finds Jesus in the Temple and leads him back home to
Nazareth. She is always focused on her son and is a superb teacher of
prayer. At the end of her journey we will see her gathered in prayer in an
upper room with the apostles and followers of Jesus. She is, so to speak,
the Church at prayer as well as the Church in mission. Rightly has Paul VI
declared her Mother of the Church.Why not? if she is Mother of God then
Mother of the Church is appropriate. She does not hurt us nor her son Jesus
by being this. In fact, we are again sustained by our spiritual mother
whether we like it or not.

Through her response to Gabriel we have learned how to say “yes” to the
call of God and to the daily surprises of God’s grace. She helps us in our
needs and in our prayers. No wonder the Hail Mary has the following: “Holy
Mother of God, PRAY for us sinners NOW and at the hour of our death.”

With only three short days till Christmas we allow ourselves to have Mary
as our guide in this last week of Advent. We are led to experience the
birth of Christ into our human history that now becomes graced with
salvation. Sin, death, and evil are being erradicated through this baby who
will give every moment of his life for us to lead us back to our Creator
and to him as our Redeemer. Mary helps us to open our hearts to be atuned
to the Word of God present within her and soon to be born in time. This is
so human that it is truly divine. The reality of the Incarnation ( the
Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us) helps us realize that we too are
called to give birth to God’s words within our hearts. Christmas should
happen everyday. So, come let us adore this Word of God become one with us
because a simple believing and trusting woman from Nazareth said yes to
God’s call. This world has never been the same because of this historical
event that is so common in the birth of a child. It seems that God
continues to trust in our human nature despite our failings for the miracle
of childbirth continues on. God works until now! Amen.


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