Fast Fitness for Time Pressed Moms by Steve Preston


You don’t need a miracle to get in shape and you don’t need lots of free time. You can get in shape and start losing weight working out just 12 minutes per day.

Moms are busy. Most have very little time to dedicate to a solid fitness regimen. In fact, most mothers deserve an award just for showing up on the job every day. Taking care of the kids is hard work, and it’s difficult to find time to eat right and work out when the children are constantly in need of personalized attention.

So what can busy moms do to get in shape?

Get in Shape in 12 Minutes Per Day

Take 12 minutes out of every day. If you need to, you can even get up 12 minutes early. Most people can find at least 12 minutes every day.

There are several strength training routines that can be accomplished in just 12 minutes. Consider investing in a set of free weight and home gym equipment if you don’t already have some. The key to fast fitness is attention to form. When you are working out in just 12 minutes, you must perform each set of exercise you do flawlessly to get an effective work out. When lifting weights, take 4 full seconds to raise the weight, and 4 full seconds to lower the weight. This is critical to the effectiveness of a 12 minute workout.

By slowing down your movement, you take out any momentum and without momentum, only your muscle is working to move the weight.

Anybody can easily perform 4 exercises with perfect form in 12 minutes. If you add just 12 minutes of cardio vascular activity, even jogging in place, you’ll get fitter even faster. You don’t have to work out each 12 minutes consecutively; consider 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening.

Strategies for Losing Weight

There are many lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into your life that will also help promote fitness in time crunched times. When going to the grocery store, rather than drive around for hours searching for the closest parking spot, park in the one farthest away. You’re body will appreciate the extra effort it takes to get to the store and you’ll be exercising without even thinking about it.

Also take the stairs whenever possible, particularly if you are just going to the second floor. This little bit of activity will also act as a mini energy re-charger. Stairs are everywhere. If you are near an escalator, chances are the stairs are right around the corner. You might even have some in hour house. Have the kids climb them with you.

Don’t forget to engage the children in fitness. Take the kids outside for a walk, you’ll all benefit from the fresh air and extra exercise. If you are watching a television program together, commit to doing crunches or stretching on commercial breaks. By doing so, fitness becomes a game, one that will change your life and start instilling healthy habits in your children from an early age.

Steve Preston, President of Fast Fitness has been training and counseling clients for 15 years. He offers personal fitness training, metabolic testing and customized fitness and nutrition plans. His new guide *How to Build a Leaner, Firmer Body in Six Weeks* teaches busy moms and executives how to drop pounds and lose weight working out just 12 minutes per day. His guide offers individualized weekly work out routines and menu plans to help make life easy. You can read more about his guide and his other fitness guides and services at:


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